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daftary family

Kirit Daftary is raising $50000.00
Love and Care Walk, June 27, 2016

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On Monday, 27th June, 2016, Daftary Family will be walking in a 5K Charity Walk in Icy Strait Point, Alaska alongside over 900 enthusiasts in support of an organization called Love and Care. that is making exemplary contribution in promoting the welfare of humanity and the environment, through its programs,spread over 50 cities worldwide, with over 500 volunteers, having touched more than 1 million livesty.

SR Vidyapeeth

By participating in this walk, we plan to raise money to build the new science college. This science college will be a pivotal platform in building and developing professional careers of the rural students and turning them into employable and contributing members of the society. An estimated $4,000 investment in science graduate from our college is expected to generate nearly $400,000 in lifetime income. We encourage corporate and individual donors to contribute towards building of this life changing institution whose benefits will accrue to current and future generations. This video provides more information on the upcoming science college:

Click here link to play the video in YouTube.

We are hoping for a truly enthusiastic support from our dearest friends, family, and colleagues in this great cause. Would you please join us to give every high school student a chance to go to college and realize their dream of making a difference in the society through meaningful professional contribution?. Our annual operating cost is $100,000 and every $250 helps us provide subsidized education to one college student per year. Every $1,000 plays a foundational role in helping us build this science college with an estimated building cost of over $2 million..

Thank you for all your support!


Kirit, Pramila, Nikhil, Rajesh and Emma Daftary

Love and Care
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