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funds for science college for underpriviledged

Chintan Mehta is raising $150000.00
Love and Care Walk, June 27, 2016

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On Monday, 27th June, 2016, I will be walking in a 5K Charity Walk in Icy Strait Point, Alaska alongside 900 enthusiasts in support of an organization called Love and Care. This non-profit organization is spread over 50 cities worldwide, with over 500 volunteers and has touched more than 1 million lives! I have been particularly moved by the extraordinary work that Love and Care is doing in the upliftment of the rural population in one of the poorest areas of South Gujarat, India by providing free, yet finest healthcare, right from infancy to adulthood, and much needed support for primary, secondary and even college level education for these rural aspirants. The families in this very poor rural part of India make less than $3-5 per year in annual income and need our help with basic healthcare and education needs. Love and Care operates on a unique model that provides medical and educational care from a child's birth until they become self-sustaining members of society.

SR Vidyapeeth

By participating in this walk, I plan to raise money to build the new science college. Construction has already begun and the first class of students has been accepted. Your contribution will allow the first batch of under-priveleged students from a tribal part of India to actually become college graduates!! An estimated $4k investment in science graduate from our college is expected to generate nearly $400k in lifetime income.This video provides more information on the upcoming science college:

Click here to play the video in YouTube.

Our annual operating cost are $100,000 and every $250 helps us provide subsidized education to one college student per year. Every $1,000 plays a foundational role in helping us build this science college with an estimated building cost of $2 million.
Let's give every high school student a chance to go to college and realize his/her dream of making a difference in society through meaningful professional contribution. Your contributions are tax deductible under IRS code 501(c).
Thank you for all your support!
Chintan "Chad" Mehta
Affiliated Hospitalists
9225 N 3rd St, Suite 304
Phoenix, AZ 85020

Love and Care
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