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funds for science college for underpriviledged

Tarang Shah is raising $50000.00
Love and Care Walk, June 27, 2016

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"Poverty is not created by God, but by you and me when we don't share what we have." - Mother Teresa


I need your support and am counting on your help in reaching my goal of collecting $50,000.00 for humanitarian causes. I need your support with whatever you can. Every penny will make a difference

The tribal students, many of whom have the talent and potential to pursue further education in the field of science, are unable to do so because of shortage of college seats in the Valsad District of one of the poorest regions in South Gujarat, India. Further, tribal students find it difficult to migrate, for further studies, to even neighboring towns and cities, because of high living costs. As a result, they either drop out or are forced to pursue streams other than science.

Thus many of them miss out on the opportunity to escape the clutches of poverty and fail to become self-sufficient and economically contributing members of the society.

SR Vidyapeeth

By participating in this walk, we plan to raise money to build the new science college.This science college will be a pivotal platform in building and developing professional careers of the rural students and turning them into employable and contributing members of the society. An estimated $4k investment in science graduate from our college is expected to generate nearly $400k in lifetime income. We encourage corporate and individual donors to contribute towards building of this life changing institution whose benefits will accrue to current and future generations. This video provides more information on the upcoming science college:

Click here link to play the video in YouTube.

To meet the educational aspirations of these talented young tribal children and to help them fulfill their dreams of pursuing productive careers in Science, SRLC is setting up a modern, first-of-its-kind Science College, Shrimad Rajchandra Vidyapeeth (SRV), to cater exclusively to tribal communities. The building, which is scheduled to be ready for occupation by June 2016, will include well-equipped Laboratories for Chemistry, Microbiology/ Botany and Computer Science, Library & Wi-Fi Zone.

The total Cost of the Project, including construction and furnishing of the college building and landscaping of the college grounds is working out to Rs. 13 Crores (2 Million US Dollars). And the net Running Cost is estimated at Rs. 60 lakhs per year (US $ 90,000 per year).

We would be most obliged, if you would extend your support to us by contributing financially for this very worthy cause. Whatever you contribute, will be most gratefully received and will go a long way in transforming the lives of some of the most disadvantaged tribal children in India. It would be our privilege and honor to have you joining hands with us, with the spirit of partnership.

Love and Care is a non-profit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible under IRS code 501(c) 3. Tax Id: 20-5906652

Call me at 858-213-6700 if you need any more information.

Thank you for all your support!

Tarang Shah
Managing Partner
Bois Capital, LLC
620 Newport Center Dr, Suite 1100
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Office: 949-856-2124
Cell: 858-213-6700

Love and Care
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