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Become A Fundraiser

We encourage each Love and Care Walk participant to set a goal to raise $1,000 or more towards the cause. Please read our top tips for fundraising section below.


We are estimating the total cost of building this new science college which will provide quality education to the less privileged, to be around $2 million. This science college will be a pivotal platform in building and developing professional careers of the rural students and turning them into employable and contributing members of the society. An estimated $4k investment in science graduate from our college is expected to generate nearly $400k in lifetime income. We encourage corporate and individual donors to contribute towards building of this life changing institution whose benefits will accrue to current and future generations. Following sponsorships are available for the building fund:



For a three-year science degree program, the college will have 160 students graduating per year. The college starts with 160 students in the first year and will keep adding 160 new students every year. So in three years, the total students in the college will be 480 of which 160 will graduate every year. For continued operations, the college needs approximately $100,000 per year or $250 per student per year. We encourage corporate and individual donors to support the ongoing operations of our college so we can continue to provide a very high quality education at subsidized rates to the aspiring rural students. Following sponsorships are available for the operating fund:

Tips for fundraising

Tip #1: Start early

The sooner you start, its better. You will learn from your own experiences, so give yourself that extra time by starting early. Register soon and get going.

Tip #2: Contact everyone you know

You'll be surprised who gives! While you use your discretion, but don't be prejudiced. Do go through your email address book and other contacts to make sure you don't miss out on anyone.

Tip #3: Customize your emails

Make the email template yours! Include a personal story or an inspiring story. Why you're raising money, why it's important to you, and where the money goes.

Tip #4: Create an email schedule with reminders for yourself

Set dates to send a first email announcing your participation, a second email asking for donations and a 'last chance' email. Add updates, if necessary.

Tip #5: Don't be shy of asking again

People can only make a donation if you give them the opportunity. Don't be shy about asking. Several donors feel thankful for being asked to donate.

Tip #6: Customize your personal fundraising webpage

Include a personal story why you are participating, along with your photo. Tug at the heart strings of prospective donors!

Tip #7: Add social media to the mix

Use status updates in Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to update friends on your fundraising and provide a direct link to your fundraising webpage.

Tip #8: Get creative

Add the URL for your fundraising webpage to your email signature. Give out "piggy banks" and ask people to save their change for a month. Hold an auction.

Tip #9: Stay focused

Remind yourself of why you are participating in the event, and how the money you will raise will help others. Turn to other fundraisers for inspiration and ideas.

Tip #10: Send a personalized thank you

It's good to thank your donors. Appreciate and acknowledge their support by sending them a personal note.