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You Can Help Them...

Value-based education platform to empower the underprivileged youth

    Higher education opportunities are the single-most important means and society can improve their quality of life, build capacity levels, and overcome personal and societal barriers.

    For over a decade now, SRLC and other NGOs have spread awareness amongst the rural community on the importance of education and the need to educate their children, including girls. Due to these efforts, the first generation of students who wish to pursue higher education is ready, but the infrastructure is missing!


    In response to this critical need, a new science college for less-privileged rural students is being established. The new college offers Bachelor in Science degrees in Chemistry and Microbiology.

    The B.Sc degree programme is designed to provide a strong foundation for a science-based career, providing technical knowledge, combined with analytical and computing skills, opening up career opportunities in industrial establishments, teaching, government and agro-based work.


    Due to the overwhelming response from rural student and the local community, construction of the new Shrimad Rajchandra Vidyapeeth building and grounds is currently under-way.

    The building and grounds have been designed with all the features of a quality educational institution, which is also environmentally and physically-challenged friendly.


    1. Modern Science Laboratories
    2. Comfortable Classrooms
    3. Fully-equipped Administration Area
    4. Extensive Library

In addition to the academic facilities, student will also benefit from open spaces and study areas for individual and group study, events, guest speakers, career fairs and sports; and an on-site cafeteria offering nutritious food and snacks, thus supporting the all-round development of the students.

We don't stop there! We not only focus on saving lives, but we also focus on building their lives! We take our children through:

Our educational facilities are largely volunteer driven; the volunteers are not only experts in their Own fields, but also routinely engage into activities that strengthen the core values of Love and Care. Such a unique blend of skills and values has trengthened and driven the Love and Care education platform.

You can choose how your donation will be used

  • Donate directly to where funds are needed most for the education platform. Your contribution will be used to enhance and provide educational services to support underprivileged youth's college education.
  • Donate towards building the Science College (Capital Expenditure)
  • Donate towards operating Science College (Operating Expenses)
Your contribution will be directly used to enhance and provide educational services through a visionary, mature model that has been recognized by various governmental agencies and being promoted for replication in other rural areas.
We have won numerous accolades from various government agencies as a "showcase and a model charitable entity!"
Your contributions are tax deductible under IRS code 501(c) 3. Tax Id: 20-5906652